Tuesday, July 12, 2011

screw hot

I'm going to stop whining about how hot it is as it only seems to add fuel to the fire.

I have always hated air conditioning and wasn't too bothered when ours kicked the bucket. Fans work nicely - to a point.  Living or working in an overly air conditioned environment makes it very hard to go outside into the real world.

One of my gigs for AT&T was in a room full of computer servers. It was in the mid 60s in there and very low humidity. Fuzzy leggings, fingerless gloves and scarves were in order even in June. When my shift was over, I'd walk out into the parking lot where my black Honda was baking away in the heat. I used to open both doors wide and sit on the curb for a few minutes so I wouldn't pass out at the wheel.

I worked on the MCD project last night...TV was the pits. I want to watch the new season of Breaking Bad but can't seem to bring myself to the time needed to catch up on the past shows that I missed.

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  1. oh deb...you really should catch up on the past breaking bad episodes!! i think i am all caught up and ready for the new season...which started last night???


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