Friday, July 01, 2011

something different for friday

gratuitous cat graphic

It's 'doo deciding where to spend the day chilling.

It's going to be another blazing day today so I decided to take advantage of getting up with the chickens (who work in construction and leave while it's still dark) and seize on the dreams of archipelagos that filled my night.

I've been wearing earplugs in an effort to quell tinnitus and I think my brain hears the sound of my own heartbeat and blood rushing and thinks it's the surf breaking somewhere close by.

I'm starting with hot soy wax..the cloth is not presoaked with soda ash so some areas will take the dye less fiercely than others where I've mixed dye and SA,  something I rarely do.

There are two owls out there in the trees and I swear they are singing "Who are you, who who, who who?" 

dye+soda ash applied directly to the cloth and wax. those discs are rounds of clear glass intended to act as a resist to the next step but I have my doubts. I should have stuck them down with more was but I ran out.
last step, bring on the ocean via a spray bottle filled with dye and soda ash solution.

Cleanup is going to be hell but I'm just going to let this one dry completely before I even try to move it.  There are three more panels all about 5'x5' -  but I've got the whole weekend ahead to expand on this path.


Quilt or Dye said...

Very Interesting so far. Please keep showing your progress.

arlee said...

I like the explosiveness of this one--very powerful space and water and introspection

Cat said...

Stunning! I love it! I tried soy wax writing letters on PFD - and then made the BIG BIG mistake of washing it in the washing machine to get the soy wax out. I'm not usually that obviously dumb but this was a rare moment! It took DAYS to get the wax out of my washer! OY!
Can't wait to see what how this comes out!

Deb said...

Cat - I've done it too but had no problems. I used very hot water and Dawn, no residue or problems that I could see but decided that I didn't want to stress our fragile septic system so now I soak the pieces in hot, hot water & Dawn in a tub pounding the wash on the rocks..old school.

tiedyejudy said...

Re: washing out soy wax... we have a septic system, and I've been laundering my projects in the washer with hot water and liquid detergent for 4 years now... septic and washer still fine! Can't wait to see how your pieces turn out, Deb... you have such a fabulous imagination!