Sunday, July 10, 2011


I tried putting this quilt in my largest hoop (the one I never used before) and found it easy to work my "walking" stitch - some wouldn't call it quilting but it's not running - somewhere in between. Trouble is I find a thimble would be good and do you think I can find where my two or three special thimbles  are stowed away?


It's too hot to try anything more than once right now but I took advantage of some morning breezes and cloud filtered sunlight to stitch a bit this morning. All the cooking and cleaning I'm going to do today were finished before 9am. Now it's just me and CBS Sunday Morning for a while.

I'm worried that these vintage damask flowers are going to suffer with use so I'm going to overlay them with some stitched vines....miles of them.


  1. vines...i like that idea, give it more than just a 'quilt stitch'. speaking of quilting...what thread are you using? i see you are using 2 strands here...

  2. ah, one little step.

  3. clicking on the lets go to the beach...watching, still being amazed at how much i respond to
    i should be past that, should have learned to reserve it for dreamtime, where it IS, a LOT,
    but anyway
    then we get to this one about damask and i think, Thank god.


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