Saturday, August 06, 2011

August dyefest - day one

It was much hotter out on the deck than I expected and I was delighted when a brief thunder storm passed over and cooled the proceedings  down just a bit.

My personal thermostat seems to be broken these days. I overheat like an old Ford and cannot be cooled down quickly or easily.  I had to call an early halt but will pick up where I left off tomorrow.

I'm planning on a more subtle group of colors this time out. The dyestock that I'm using was mixed two months ago and has not been stored under optimal conditions and so, hopefully, will give the paler colors I hoping for.

All the cloth I'm working with is vintage - tender as Jude would say - and feels like it wants a gentler color touch than I'm used to dishing out. Some color whispering is underway.

I bought a heavily starched and ironed damask tablecloth at a yard sale this morning.
A little yellowed around the edges, it was tied tight in a bundle with jute and weighed several pounds. When I got it home and unfurled it for washing it was four by ten feet!


  1. am going to keep my eye on these! unfurled, i guess!

  2. Oh my, yummy colors and textured fabrics. I hear you on overheating. We don't have the humidity you have, but gez, you'd think we did. I finally got out an old wash tub and sat in the cold water. Seems my Gram did that with me 50+ years ago. I thought she just was being nice. LOL! Enjoy your time with the dyes.

  3. Girl, you be careful in that heat! got a cool collar? If not, send me your address and I'll send you a hand-dyed one... keeps you cool for hours!

  4. I'm glad to see that you are in the dyes again.

    Also, I'm envious of that beautiful I'm sure, tablecloth.

  5. was a tablecloth. Now it gets to continue as art!


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