Tuesday, August 23, 2011

cool mornings..

...not created by artificial means are delicious but make falling back to sleep all too easy.

My upstairs deck garden has fallen into weedy mayhem but still produces magic like this when I'm not looking.
I like taking advantage of the morning cool to work on my MCD project. (I've awarded myself a feather for participation)  I'll be wearing this before it's finished, no doubt.

The morning light comes through the open front door just so for just long enough. But it's errand running day so I have to put the stitching aside and get on with the day. Too much of my computer times has been taken over by mulling the pros and cons (are there any?) of taking social security with this next birthday. I guess I will have to bite that nasty bullet and go there...the web site raises more questions than it answers.


  1. Beautiful stitching! You are going to feel even more beautiful when you wear it. We went through the SS thing and decided to take the money. Our crystal ball wasn't able to tell us what the future holds. ;p Wishing you a wonderful day.

  2. Gorgeous handwork! Re: Soc. Security, I opted to take early almost 2 years ago... figured a bird in the hand, and who knows what will be left by the time I qualify for full? Do you have a pension from your former employer(s)? That helped me make my decision. Kinda nice getting paid for something I did years ago!


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