Wednesday, August 10, 2011

faux natural... what they look like to me. The loss of color will probably delight a lot of people. Me...not so much. But here they are. You can see closeups with and without the flash.
Although a lot of people prefer to use cloth in it's natural state, I especially like to iron the damasks when the dye process is finished. You can see by this detail that the huge tablecloth I stumbled over was probably created to be a souvenir for a tourist visiting the "auld sod".  One could only hope that it was actually manufactured in Ireland!  

The rest of the lightweight cottons will have to wait, in fact, I'll have to rewash them. SOMETHING went Lint Wacko in the washer and 99% of it gravitated to the pieces below. I will NOT be sitting over these with a roll of scotch tape today.

I've taken out the few that I'm keeping and everything else will be made available in the store over the next few days.


  1. Anonymous12:49 AM

    These are great! Dye something ugly for a change already....

  2. i love the damask...i have found a couple pieces at st. vinnies lately. havent gotten around to dyeing them yet, for some reason my basement seems uninviting...oh yeah...that quilt still in the gammil since before i left for kauai on may 8th. have to face it one day really soon. plus, mark was working down there so there is more mess than usuaul. maybe saturday...yeah...saturday. i am jealous that you can "drive" to prochem. keep up the amazing work!


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