Sunday, August 21, 2011

gifts from afar

 The mailman snuck up and left a box of beautiful cloth on the front doorstep sometime yesterday. I will have to reconsider taking off my wet bathing suit on the back deck and and strolling through the living room bare assed even though I do shut the front door when I'm out back swimming.

Exquisite cloth - and the best part is I now have a scout in distant lands who knows exactly what I am on the lookout for !

"RĂªver 3" is finished. Stronger colors than the first two, more complex shapes.

Stepping back and looking at how this one turned out I recognize that although none of the units touch, they all relate in some fashion to the ones closest to it, something I don't think about consciously when I working on it clutched up so closely.

I'm sure there will be more.


Debi From the Pacific Northwest said...

Can you get a picture of all three somewhat together so we can see them all at once?? I love this one and it's really close to what I'm making with your cloth pieces right now.

;-) Debi

Robin Olsen said...

I love seeing how things start interacting and forming patterns on their own once I'm done with them. This is such a fresh, playful piece!

PeregrineBlue said...

AWESOME! and so inspiring.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

scouts in far distant lands

what a really great and wonderFull

scouts of cloth, scout of COLOUR.

it changes everything, makes it all
somehow make

Anonymous said...

i love the relationships between the fabrics on this piece. each section seems to have its own personality and feel- reaching out to its friends and neighbors.

Cathie said...

Oh WOW! This is spectacular. I love the interplay of the unique and interesting little blocks.