Sunday, August 28, 2011

making the day count

Family and friends in the NE are still struggling under the lash of Irene so I could not let this hot, clear and beautiful day go to waste.

I've been feeling the need for some vibrant color so I had a mini-dye day and put all the recently collected treasures in for a long soak. 

Today I am besotted with color but yesterday it was furnishing  at IKEA and later, a pitcher of Sangria at On the Border in Buckhead. After tramping all over design heaven nothing ever tasted so good.

It's a good think I don't drive a pickup truck or these would have been coming home with me.  The chair put me in a coma every time I sat in one (they are strategically all over the store) . Did you know that IKEA has a Scratch and Dent room!?  It's destined to be my new office chair and ergonomics be damned.


Karoda said...

I take it your family/friends in the NE are fairing okay under the weather? And yeah, I dig both pieces of furnture. See, I have a Blazer, and you could have called me :)

tiedyejudy said...

Heh... heh! We just bought a Ford F150... lots of room to haul things home in! But the nearest IKEA is in Phoenix... no way I'm goin' there this time of year, even with A/C! I think I've sat in that chair too... they make very comfy chairs!