Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Have any of you fellow bloggers taking the invitation from Adsense to "monetize" your blog and, if you have, are you needing a wheelbarrow to take your money to the bank?
Somehow the term "Monetize" conjures up visions of Jesus kicking the moneylenders asses on the temple steps  or Miss Cleo taking folks' grocery money for bogus card readings and spells. Am I crazy, stupid or both?

On a happier note, the UPS man just dropped a box from ProChem on the doorstep. And me with almost no white cloth!

PS....Yeah, I've decided that monetizing sound a lot like a case of the cooties.


  1. Anonymous1:50 PM

    personally, i'd rather not populate my blog with advertisements. as a maker/seller of my own stuff my blog IS an advertisement of sorts for my own work. why would i want to distract my readers in that way?

    i want folks to enjoy their visit to the blog not feel like i'm schilling for clicks...

    i know i am not the norm but also i like the company i keep with this thought.

    no white cloth??? oh dear!

  2. I've been invited to put ads on my blog but I've declined because I think it's crass. The invitations pointed out that ads would help me form a "deeper connection" with my readers. Right. Try a deeper connection with the advertisers.

  3. no me, nope. just broke and getting by.

  4. that will change a little, very

  5. Anonymous12:42 AM

    You need only send word and I'd happily replenish you. I don't know about ads, I think they devalue a site a bit and are confusing to the overall page design, but I still read favorite blogs that advertise....we just all do what we can to get judgement

  6. My first blog was on geocities, and the free blogs came with advertisements... not nice! I don't want viewers to have to weed through the chaff to get to the wheat! BTW, Jo-Ann's is having a bolt sale on muslin right now... just sayin'! ;->


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