Monday, August 08, 2011

the recurring alligator dream

I went to sleep last night with achy stiff fingers on my right hand, presumably from all the washerwoman activities that go along with hand dyeing. I dreamed that I was swimming in deep water -not salt and vaguely cloudy like Lake Lanier can be - and was close up to and touching a whale which was sunning itself at the surface when something grabbed and bit down on my right hand. I went under the water and saw what at first appeared to be a patch of seaweed but quickly realized that it was an alligator about to take a better grab. 
"Alligator Dream"   2009

As it opened it's mouth I stuck my cell phone between it's jaws sideways and pulled my right hand free and remember thinking  "water damage was not covered in the warranty". The alligator hurried away with my phone in it's mouth and I turned back to the whale who was about to swim away and hitched a ride like it was no big deal. I remember looking at my hand and seeing angry red dents on the side of my middle finger and it ached like I had jammed it.


Anonymous said... the dream, sorry about the hand. I have alligator dreams often, but when I surface I find it's MuffMuff chomping down on my body part because I DARED to move and disturb her "MAJESTY'S" sleep...where were your catz whilst you slept????

dye fest is to "die" for...loved the family pics from your trip North...

Anonymous said...

lol. i dreamed the other night i was holding talons in my right hand....very intense....not a lot to idea what it means.

Laurie said...

Thanks for playing on my blog. I'll be back to play on yours. Alligators show up often in my dreams, because I've seen so many in one of my favorite places. They are much scarier in my dreams and seem to carry much meaning when they appear. What a great idea to use them in your art! You've given me something to think about today.

Also, cool tarot link. The Hermit shows up in my spreads almost every time. I'll go back to that site.