Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Greatly relieved to talk to Pop this morning. We usually talk every day and I can tell by the sound of his voice just how he is doing.

Their power came back on yesterday afternoon and Nextel in his neighborhood was not working since the hurricane. The house phone worked until a tree took the lines down. 

Everyone is OK and there was no damage and only minor flooding. Blessings on the family and neighbors who kept tabs on him for the duration. I know a lot of family, friends and readers in the NE are still sitting in the dark waiting.


Jeannie said...

Good news to start off the day. There is nothing harder than being afar when a parent need you. I have wished the car to move faster more times than I care to remember. Wishing you a color filled day.

arlee said...

glad to hear you are safe, housed, with power and blessings

deanna7trees said...

great news. yes, so many people still without power. hopefully restored soon.