Wednesday, August 17, 2011

signs of fall

This is view right over the back edge of the pool. there are several trees even closer than this one off screen right. The shade keeps the water cool and relatively algae free right through the summer but they (and the critters that live up there) drop endless loads of crap into the water.

Since I am the daily swimmer, it falls to me to keep ahead of these Augean stables and now that the buses are rolling the signs of fall are setting in.

But today I witnessed first hand where these leaves keep coming from. I mean, do you see one single brown, yellow or sickly leaf in my woods? Not.

Right on the other side of the fence my neighbor has a towering tulip tree  and the leaves are coming off it like confetti on New Years Eve...

1 comment:

Nancy said...

You make the task of pool cleaning sound like poetry!
Love those ducks. They remind me of the ones I saw in Boston on the Duck Tour. They had sooo many! The Three Stooges, Wizard of Oz and so on! It was so fun :)
We're at triple digits today, but yet the air has a sense of fall!