Thursday, August 18, 2011

soy & dye experiments

The dyes and soy wax that arrived yesterday kept me up thinking about them last night.
I've long wondered about mixing the dye/resist process somehow, as counter intuitive as it seems.  I know someone had written a book about it and can't find the thing - so here I am re-inventing the wheel cause I can't wait to read about someone elses discoveries..if you know the book I'm talking about please email me.
Meanwhile, I set my trusty muffin tin in a rusted frying pan of water on the side burner of the gas grill conveniently located on dye deck.

For the first one, I waited until the soy way was completely melted and stirred in a teaspoon of dye into each muffin.

It blended pretty quickly and working fast, I applied the colored wax directly to a huck towel that had been soaked in soda ash.

The backside is even interesting.  It's going to kill me to wait to wash this out but what a great excuse to get some chores done!

Below is the other half of the huck towel, also damp with soda ash. This time I spooned the dye into the muffin tin while the wax was still melting and it did not blend as well or easily with the wax.

I started out wanting some "white space" and used wax without dye (covered over now)  but it was looking so nasty that as soon as the wax cooled I rolled it up and put it in with a quart of monkey blood.

washout will be lunch-ish.


Karoda said...

woohoo, its almost lunch time! can't wait to see what happens!

Jill Robinson said...

Hi Deb,
I just washed out some soy batik this AM. . . Not what I wanted but okay. I like the pic you posted on fb. . . have a question, quite possibly stupid. Is that a pic of your process dyes or a finished piece of fabric? It caught my eye b/c it looks like a couple fried eggs with a spot of blue- REALLY COOL! Btw, I was informed yesterday by my teenager that "cool" is uncool. The old cool is now "fresh".

Also, Jane Dunnewold developed a soy crayon which I believe combines the wax with dye--- not sure if she sells the crayons but I believe there's a DVD about it on the ProChem website. I haven't checked it out in any detail-- if you do, let me know how it goes!

Have a great dye day!

Jill (Robinson)

Jeannie said...

Deb, Yummy!!! I haven't gotten the dyes and soy wax out yet. I've been obsessing over indigo. But soon!!! Jane Dunnewold and Lisa Kerpoe's book and dvd Vibrant Color talk about mixing the dye powder directly into the wax. (Excellent dvd and I have ordered the book.)

Kim Barron said...

I picked up Jane's book Vibrant Color and it does explain how to mix the dye with soy wax.
I haven't given it a try yet, but I think the book did a good job of explaining.
I believe she self published it so it isn't at Amazon & such. I got it at Dharma Trading.