Monday, January 30, 2012

at the washateria

Rather than give my aging washing machine a fatal dose of overwork, I hauled a large load of towels and blankets to the laundromat yesterday. It's not a novelty anymore - I don't sit there and watch things go 'round with one eye and CNN on the tiny screen in the corner with the other.

I trust everything to the largest washer and then sit in my car with an alarm set and read, or sleep or stitch. Although it was cool yesterday the sun was blazing and I brought along the current WIP and put in a good two hours on it between washing and drying.  Below it's spread out on the (grubby) hood of my Honda but I've backed this one with a piece of organza that seems to be bulletproof.

There's more going on in each block with this one. It's almost twice the size of any of the four previous pieces in this series and I've given up any pretense of restraint, block by block the action builds.

In the top picture you can see the variety of fabrics I'm using - the golden speckled is a bit of a vintage woven tea towel, the lavender with clouds is a snip from a cotton lawn scarf from Dharma Trading, feather light and nearly transparent. The rich blue at the bottom a section of a hand dyed vintage damask table napkin, all three from my favorites basket.


arlee said...

mm mmm mmm mmm mmm girl

why the organza as a backing? isn't it tough to needle?

Nancy said...

"given up any pretense of restraint"...a good motto I think! I like the idea of a favorites basket'

liniecat said...

the word tesserae came to mind looking at this......not that it looks roman exactly but......maybe mosaic would be more apt.
I really like it, whichever!

Deb Lacativa said...

Arlee the whole thing needles like butter on a June afternoon.

Unknown said...

Really great array of colors and textures, Deb. -sus

Anonymous said...

I am in love with this narrative. Texture is so wonderful, and the story inviting and dynamic. I am sure that in person its interest increases 10 fold.

Liz A said...

like butter ... I love this



Play it again Sam.