Sunday, January 01, 2012

dreaming on

I spent some time with the big one this morning. I'm starting the construction stitches phase, small mostly invisible stitches with 12wt sulky cotton to anchor and stabilize the many "tender" pieces of cloth that tend to shift, wander and shred even with the rayon basting which gets picked out as I go.

My mother is the "Rose" and this is a bit of one of the many handkerchiefs that she received as gifts from her customers at the little post office she worked at for 23 years. She gave me a big box of them and they have all gone into the dyepots - linen, silk, fancy and plain - they all loved the color.


doina said...

Happy new year and many more to come, all wrapped in your beautiful dyied and stiched works of passion :)

Karoda said...

Happy New Year to you...keep stitchin'!

nancy krampf said...

i am loving this its its just sooooooo tender but juicy. :)