Sunday, January 08, 2012

early early Sunday

For no apparent reason, I've been up since 3ish and gave up getting back to sleep.Could be the horror issue of Granta I picked up at Barnes and Noble yesterday. Got up and made coffee, wrote for an hour as promised, made bacon in the oven, fed the bewildered cat herd and came back here to share a couple of diamond links.

Fair warning; do not have coffee over the keyboard - you may spew some out your nose laughing, and hit the loo first lest ye pee oneself in hilarity. I did both.  Here and you could substitute the word "artist" for "writer" in most of these items but I won't quibble.

I finally got the tree undressed last night too.


Michelle V. Alkerton said...

Loved it!! Thanks for sharing. I agree on so many levels. lol I've been up since 3ish as well, tea, no bacon and no animals though :).
Stay inspired!

jude said...

ha, the bandwagon!