Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday basket

This greeted me first thing this morning when I came into the studio for the laptop. I've had a vision for a much larger utility quilt based on this design.

I was not feeling too precise this morning so, instead of the very straight and exact hand quilting that I want inside the color fields, I picked up the frolic below that's been languishing in the hoops waiting for my mood to improve. It did.

Both sides of my brain appear to be in working order despite the ongoing caloric overindulgence. Come Monday I am checking into food prison somewhere after a lengthy purge.

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tiedyejudy said...

I love both pieces you have in progress! As for the food prison, I totally agree... bread and water for all! Burp... ;-)

TGIF even tho I only went back to work just yesterday.

My Swedish ivy is loving being back outside. I need to get some small pots to start a squad of offspring for gift giving. On sale at ...

Play it again Sam.