Sunday, November 25, 2012

snow carving finished

I've put the last visible stitches in "snow carving". There will be some more construction stitching on the back to secure the damask to the batting - damask has a tendency to relax, stretch and get baggy if you let it. I'm thinking the next venture in bedworx will be on a field of white and natural muslin to relax the look a bit.
I did it with Summer Garden and this one and loved the outcome.

Can you see the patch I added to cover up the tiny pink stain? I'm going to wash and dry it again with a color catcher and  hope it's finished bleeding.


  1. only you could make snow warm

  2. Anonymous6:32 PM

    came out great!! Did you NOT quilt the color blocks? it's a little hard to tell from photos...

  3. just a tiny bit of quilting inside the middle sized rectangle of each block, mostly to keep the backing damask from getting floppy..

  4. Fresh and clean looking.


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