Friday, November 09, 2012

the (better) lost week

I know it's the worst kind of sin to wish away ones  days but this week has been so hard on everyone in so many ways.

 I would shout TGIF from the rooftops except that I have to work this weekend but just reminded myself that the weekend clients can be quite entertaining and I can further amuse myself by practicing my Downton Abbey accent on them with an effort to pare down the snobbery case by case. Yeah, I watched a few episodes and I'm hooked hard.

I have busied myself with this little gem of a crib quilt constructed from a tiny fraction of the commercial batik fat quarters I was recently blessed with. So much cloth! So little time!  There's a little more machine quilting to go here and then into the washer and dryer with it to get the full effect of how it will be when it's gifted away.

On the shopkeeper front, it's restocking time.

I've packed up half a dozen baggies with very small pieces culled from this huge pile of hand dyed treasures. Read more about Bites over at Random Acts of Dyeness.


Jeannie said...

Your baby quilt is gorgeous. I love how bright and cheery it is and it will surely delight any little or big kid. I am with you about the week. Stick a fork in it, I am ready to be done with this week. That pile of goodness just makes me happy. I know I will come back and look at that photo when winter becomes dreary and beige. I got hooked on Downton Abbey too. Then there are the clothes. I am so glad I don't have to wear them, but the cloth!!! Hope your weekend is filled with amusement.

Anonymous said...

well, holy crappola, just had my msg to you eaten by black hole goblin - Deb, you really need to keep those goblins fed- sheesh.
What I said was - "lovely, lovely piece for the wee ones - and the quilting on the back aqua piece is beautiful...regarding the "lost week" - welcome to my world, seems like at the nonce, every week gets lost pour moi - sigh. But being the amazon women that we are, we will rally and surge forth"...lolol

Nancy said...

Deb~ I've long been a huge fan of Fridays, claiming loud and often that it is "the best day of the week". And, can quote me on that! Ha. My ex MIL use to say, "That's all she wrote", which at 16 was a saying I'd not yet heard...and I loved it. I agree with Jeannie, get a fork out! Sometimes the chin refuses to stay up as instructed.
I love the batiks in the new quilt and the other sunlight on the water. Mmmm...maybe a little John Denver would go along with this :)
Thanks for sharing.

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