Friday, February 15, 2013


That's me. Headless and blue. Talking about being on my own and actually living it are two different things.
Jimmy left mid morning and was 20 minutes out when he somehow realized that he had left the power cord to his laptop at home. Colin saddled up and got it to him with little to no time lost.
At least it's a beautiful day for driving in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Meanwhile, up in New York, my Pop is having a hard time of it. Life that is.


Judy Martin said...

Me too.
To both things.
My husband has left me here in Kingston for a while so I can be with my father who is not doing so well.

We can only do our best.

Jeannie said...

It sounds like it is the season for fathers to need their daughters. Take care of yourself and know that you are not alone. Hugs.

tiedyejudy said...

Life changes are hard, especially when you are separated by distance. Will keep you and your loved ones in my thoughts and prayers...

Nancy said...

Will be thinking of you, who are caring for/about your elders.

jude said...

me too. adrift.