Sunday, February 17, 2013


Jake's cat Juicy has lived with us for a while now but he is still extremely shy, mostly of me.

He misses Jim, who has become his best bud.

A consummate opportunist, he has made camp in the first place in the house that gets the morning sun, my sewing chair in the studio.

(the little quilt he is claiming was made for a cat and says "you can help by sleeping here")


liniecat said...

Thats a shrewd cat.....he must have known it was a cat quilt so naturally hed sit there! And the early sun is a bonus lol

arlee said...

now will Juicy help with the needles and work in the basket too? :)

tiedyejudy said...

He's absoloutely gorgeous! Can't imagine why he doesn't like you, since you are soooo a cat person! Maybe while your hubby is gone he will warm up to you... meanwhile, how nice that you left him such a lovely spot to sun himself!