Saturday, February 02, 2013

K4 revisited while the machine operator rests.

I decided that C. was right about the orientation for this one. Horizontal won out over the possessed palm tree trip.

Two of the three chunks of school bus were pruned out and I cropped the entire piece back to it's black damask edge, lopping off the excess fleece.

I stayed true to the original shape when I cropped it so the wonkiness is intentional but the loss of overall size makes me kind of sad.  I'm thinking I'll grow it back to the original dimensions and keep it closer to rectangular. People who are not familiar with textile work in the first place have a hard enough time with that aspect of the work, let alone the unframed shape wandering off from the box they are so accustomed to.


Ms. said...

Nothing so alive as wandering off the accustomed box!

Judy Martin said...

love this.

Deb said...

thanks Judy...I've decided to stay with this pared down version and just a have little hand work left to keep some of the lines as clean as I want them.