Saturday, February 09, 2013

Karma V continued

 Machine stitching continues on this piece alternating with hand stitching on K4. I really should stay out of the morning light.


Ms. said...

I've meant to ask for a long time now--how did this series come to be titled Karma? that's a charming shot, a touch loony, and so full of friendly it made me smile.

Deb said...

Ask anyone who knows me and they'll say Loony is my middle name.

Karma is my guiding "Jiminy Cricket" and was the name of my little cat who died last year.

If you go to the B&W page here there's a shot of her, although, if you go back through the blog, you can hardly miss her. Her long, starkly black and white fur was remarkable in that her personal "graphics" seemed to shift every time I looked at her.

I spent a good chunk of dye time last summer trying to capture those graphics on cloth and then started sewing them together in the fall.

There is no obvious sentiment in the series, just the visual echoes of a long, close cross-species companionship.