Tuesday, February 05, 2013

shift, grind, shift

I've been plodding away on this still just laying in  what I call the construction lines. My goodman has been stalled by what I hope is merely a cold (the things you will get when being out and about!) so I've had an ear out for him as he sleeps his way through it.

Mid morning I was called upon to write up a deposition for a child custody case - I can't go into any details  but suffice it to say that the mental place I had to go to to write this was ugly and I really hope that my words make a difference in court and the beast gets her just desserts. Pity the children involved.


Jeannie said...

I hope your goodman kicks butt on the cold. Mine went down for the count for a week and is finally pulling himself back into the world. I just don't understand cruel people. Never will and honestly, don't want to. I hope the children find a loving place to grow and thrive.

Anonymous said...

I used to advocate for incarcerated mothers and some of the stuff that came across my desk was truly awful... I hope you made a difference.