Wednesday, May 22, 2013

a day away from the chair

The mailbox garden is at its peak.
The peonies burst open and disintegrate within days in the Georgia heat. This year I'll be digging cuttings and sharing them around. The fringy paler mutant below will be cut to come inside..the rains made them top heavy.

Meanwhile, out on the burning dyedeck, many cloths came under the spell while I listened to a day game on the radio and gave m'self some minor heat stroke. The pool is still too cold to be a remedy or relief.

Some errands, a nap and then out for dinner at the trivia joint which has become a regular, fun thing.


Susan Hemann said...

I like how you use the plastic containers for your dyeing outside.

Ms. said...

aside from the gorgeous peony, and the colors of dye, I LOVE the fact that there's an eatery called "Trivia"!

Deb said...

Oh, even better - It's real name is Italian Pie and, for a couple of very discriminating NY pizza lovers, Very good pizza paired with good Mexican in the adjoining room. And we won last night.