Thursday, May 23, 2013

storm stitching

After we got home from a trivia victory at Italian Pie, I stayed up to catch the season finale of Chicago Fire. Earlier, the weather dude and the online map promised that the swarm of thunderstorms sweeping across the state would miss us.
They goofed - a boom of distant thunder got me up out of the stitching chair to check windows.

I went down to the dyedeck to check on what might need to be brought inside and wondered if they were wrong...the almost full moon was brilliant and the sky clear.

 There was another distant boom of thunder and, while I watched,  the moon was obscured by a lace curtain of clouds and an opening volley of heavy drops spattered across the tent top. I quickly turned out all the containers onto the deck boards and let everything take the blessing..big laundry session coming up.


Anonymous said...

I love the fun blobs resting on the deck!

We watched Chicago Fire, too. It was watchable. About on the level with "Castle" which we watch as well.

wlstarn said...

I do all my dyeing on the deck as well. It can be a bit challenging to find a time when the day job and weather are both amenable. I set a beach umbrella up in a portable base & move it around for some shade to work in.