Friday, May 24, 2013

taken under

I'm writing again and seem to get my best work done while I'm sleeping. Of course, there's no scribe taking notes for me. Dreams can be sketchy at best.
Pictures linger longer than words or ideas.

There is a setting with water everywhere. A town eaten by a reservoir and a brook with a bridge where there are only rumors of trolls.

This series will follow the text as it uncoils across the paper. If I never finish the book, or get it published, I'll have these.

I just saw this post networked on FB and feel like I just announced that next Monday  I'm going to rob a bank while naked (but face painted), armed with a squirt gun full of gin and assisted by my Barbary ape, Ace, who is an excellent driver but not yet housebroken.


Kit Lang said...

These colours are beautiful, Deb!

Nancy said...

Love the flow of these colors

Anonymous said...

the FB networking... did you post it or someone else? I'm always amazed that I hesitate to post a blog entry on fb when it is already 100% public. what is that?

Deb said...

I forget if it's a FB or Blogger option. I set it a while back. Helps my family keep up since they ( and many others) have left off regular blog reading but are addicted to FB.

Heather said...

Beautiful watery blues! I'm looking forward to seeing how it develops.

Deb said...

Today I read a blog post where the writer showed a piece and talked about a "firmament" the sky as a field of blue with stars or something along those lines. IF you know what blog I am talking about please let me know..This piece is going to be a kind of reflection of that firmament only it will have points of light reflecting off this water.