Wednesday, October 23, 2013

it's all grand

It's been two clinic/doctor days, all good and fruitful and I am grateful but I'm tired.

This morning I shopped myself silly in the food store in a vain attempt to not have to go there just one day this week. Foolishness.

All my tropical plants had to be brought inside; frost and even freezing in some areas have been predicted. I unpotted all the lantanas and committed them to the mailbox garden as there is no room inside for them. Tomorrow I'll bury them under some mulch and hope they make it through the winter.

A good friend reminded me that I needed a little diversion, she was right. There are dirty dishes in the sink, a dishwasher full of clean ones and mountains of laundry just lurking about wondering what I'm going to do about that balky dryer.  Instead I  spent a few hours just stitching.


tiedyejudy said...

Yowsa! Glad to hear the medical stuff is going well! Re: shopping, why is it we just can't seem to make it for a whole week between grocery visits? As for plants, my lean-to greenhouse is doing a good job of extending the season for my tomatoes, basil, Nasturtiums and mums. I potted a Geranium, then brought it inside since there is no heat in the greenhouse... hopefully I will be able to nurse it through the winter. The dryer - is it sick? Can it be repaired? We just replaced a 16+ year dishwasher because it was just too old... btw, your stitched piece is wonderful - great colors and design!

Suzanna said...

This piece is lovely...a tree of life and hope!

barbara woods said...

i love in a 'ville' in georgia too, n. west corner