Friday, October 04, 2013


Last night I spent hours chasing my tail in circles while agonizing over which three pieces I should enter in Art Quilt Element 2014.

Of course Voodoo picked this time to be a needy feline codger and kept jumping from my side table to my desktop with a side trip across the laptop every few minutes. I had the distinct impression I was keeping him from an online poker tournament.

 I had my choices by one in the morning, images in a folder on the desktop, ready to go at the crack of dawn after a good night's rest and hot cuppa joe. But first I had to go ten rounds with Comcast.  I won't fry your brain with the details but know that my conversation with the retention sales rep on 10/18 will be one for the books.

Being a little superstitious so here is one of the three contestants, a fan favorite,

Inspired by Grace's little black and white kids last season.

Los Dados Encantada

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