Wednesday, October 02, 2013

it's come to this

Whoa, my dear people.... you are all too kind. I am overwhelmed and my goal
has been met, entry fee and, the fates willing, shipping too!  A mere thank you seems not nearly enough.

Ok my friends, I've given up trying to figure out where any extra money could come from. I'd like to make the final deadline for Art Quilt Elements but the discretionary spending account has cobwebs in it. And baby spiders.

If you can help financially in the smallest way, it would be deeply appreciated.
Here's my PP address.

And if you have an opinion about which of my most recent works should have a shot at AQE, that would be most welcome too.  All of the Karma series are eligible and Cephalopod (center below)  is first on my list.


Virginia Greaves said...

I have the same problem. Their extending the deadline just made it hurt more. The yellow one -- that's my favorite.

Kit Lang said...

I think you should enter the one on the far left. It's *really* striking!

jude said...

i like the one on the left too.

Deb said...

On the far left is Los Dados Encantada after Graces baby black and white goats...the enchanted dice..

and yes, it will take a shot at AQE

grace Forrest~Maestas said...'s all about love.
and i don't know which. you need
to know. here, in N Mex they say
La Chanca. the chance...feminine
of gender.
and the Dados...also about chance, dice. but you will intuit this.
Such Big Love to you....