Thursday, October 24, 2013

the hairy hot water bottle

Jimmy and Voodoo

Here is our feline codger dominating his human the way he insists on doing. On a chilly day, a hairy hot water bottle can be nice.

All that mad color is my very first attempt at a quilt that I knew was outside the pale of the traditional. That was all that I knew at the time. 2001 I think.

I  found a fabric place that sold remaindered cloth by the pound.
The base for this quilt was a high quality king fitted sheet. What seemed like and acre of thick navy flannel had been damaged in the manufacturing process; there was a bite sized chunk missing in one corner.

I had amassed a blinding array of commercial cotton prints, mostly from remnant bins here and there, and I was hand appliqueing irregular chunks directly to the flannel with no plan beyond coverage. The stitches are tiny. Under Voodoo's paws you can see an embroidered cotton doily that I picked up somewhere.  The flannel was so lush that I never considered backing the quilt and now the checkered border is evaporating the way cheap cotton tends to. It's warm and cozy.

We were just home from the cancer clinic in this picture. The docs are encouraged by the results so far. Jim is tolerating the treatments well and now we are just building health and strength to enjoy the upcoming festivities.


arlee said...

good news good news good news so glad hot hairy waterbottles in any form are the best way to make someone feel better, even hot hairy bedbugs

Sherrie Spangler said...

So glad to read that the results of tests are encouraging. And the quilt sounds truly comforting.

Nancy said...

Glad to hear of the good news!! A bit of flannel and a warm kitty has to be of some help too!!