Saturday, October 12, 2013

temporary insanity

Thanks to everyone who ordered over the weekend, I'll be at the post office by noon Tomorrow....forgot today was my birthday AND a federal holiday!

I was going to IRON and sort and select and package and yaddayaddayadda?? Quick!! Get the net, she's loose in the studio. {cackle cackle shriek}

I don't think so.     SEE UPDATE!!

What I am going to do is stuff a quart sized ziplock baggie with a little bit of everything here, take it to the post office and weight it...I'll get back to you on the price but it's all here...damask, huck, lawn, sheeting...everything I've been making magic with over the past year or so. Never fear, there's always more.

Let me know if you want to reserve a bag or if you have a particular colorway I'll try to accommodate you once I get to stuffing...

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