Tuesday, October 08, 2013

waiting wall

Some days there just are no words. The Braves fell to the Dodgers last night and our baseball season is over. I am in withdrawal.

These are all aimless starts, shiftless scraps, hanging on the design wall so they don't get accidentally-on-purpose hacked into, shredded or otherwise kicked to the curb.

Before almost everything else I have to return to some regimen of self-care.
Now that the swimming season is over I have to carve out an hour of  walking each day and I plan on pairing that with with music or an audiobook.

                 It's too early in the fall to feel like a bowl of cold noodles.


jude said...

your shiftless scraps are super.

tiedyejudy said...

Gee... and I have chicken and noodles on the menu for this week! But we also have a wind storm coming, followed by t-storms, possible tornadoes, snow flurries... time to break out the cold weather recipes! Enjoy your walks...

arlee said...

waiting is better than wailing, but sometimes ya need to do that too :)