Tuesday, March 18, 2014

2nd workday

Most of the color from yesterday survived a drenching overnight storm. Thunder and lightning all night long.

Materials, equipment and circumstances all fell into place and I got the big black and white pieces launched.

Now if dye and wax do what they do..tomorrow I'll find a cannibal pot and build a fire under this sucker if that what it's going to take to get the wax out of it.
I think this piece is ten or twelve feet wide.. I didn't measure it.


  1. Wow, the colors are intense. So good to see you doing this work at this place.

  2. These are really great.

  3. I can't get over the size and the intensity of this piece! Did you use soy wax, or paraffin/bees' wax for the batik? Hope it was soy, otherwise you must have had a job removing the wax!

  4. Absolutely Fabulous!

  5. I love it~~~rock paintings~

  6. Anonymous9:50 AM

    wow! what a cool result. and so like your larger appliques!


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