Tuesday, March 04, 2014

do-over, again #2000

Somewhere, something keeps track and this is my 2000th post. An occasion for pause and consideration I guess.

Although I packed this up to NY with me, I don't recall lifting a needle to it once. Too much else going on.

I really let the text get away from me this time and a second pick-out left a mess so I'm paving the mess over and will most probably forgo any text. It's the Heart of Rock & Roll, still beating.

Meanwhile, the clock is ticking and I'm starting to marshall what-all will be taken to FL in less than two weeks.  A great spring churn is underway in the studio...who knows what will surface.

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Anne Marie - Toronto said...

A creative mess, I'm thinking. Congrats on so many posts! I can't imagine ever reaching that milestone.


Whew - thanks for the run on Dirty Threads . I've packed up the orders and will get them to the post office in a while. This lot he...

Play it again Sam.