Friday, March 28, 2014

fruits of focus on fiber 14

I was going to be bold and stick the Beast in the washer, but I don't think our water temperature is high enough. The plan then was to take it to the lavanderia, but I ran out time.

Yesterday's gorgeous sunny day has been followed by a Green Goddess kind of day with a soft, all day rain so hanging stuff outside would be counterproductive.

Instead, I rounded up all the color pieces and gave them a final hard wash and rinse. These are nearly dry I didn't want them to get over baked in the dryer.

Everything I was looking for colorwise  is here and, as ever, there is more than I can ever use so  expect to be seeing some Florida bundles in the store soon.

I'm so pleased the black stayed neutral. The mix was totally winged - cooled, warmed and re-cooled on the fly using dyes so old I couldn't even read the label.

I had nearly a quart of what looked like squid ink by the time I was finished and used it all up .The Beast will be OK that way. Even the washer threads and color catchers are interesting...first one who wants them gets them.. just let me know in a comment.  


  1. Sweet!!! I tell ya, that wall of color has me giddy.

  2. I can't believe I was the first to answer! I have a good idea what to do with the threads! Thank you!

  3. wow... beautiful colors....

  4. Wow- you sure were productive on your retreat! What beautiful colors you got, can't wait to see little splashes here and there in your work. Sorry I missed the 'leftover' stuff, even that is compelling. And sorry I couldn't make it up the coast to meet you!


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