Monday, March 24, 2014

not grind

Let's not call it a grind. Shall we say "the necessaries"?  All of the bright colors face a real machine wash and dry,  and the threads will all have to be hand washed and rinsed.  The beast will go into the big chili pot as soon as I buy some color catchers. A lot of color catchers I fear. Once I get all the wax out of it there is going to be a lot of correction on both ends of the spectrum. Nobody said art would be easy.

I'm still in a Florida state of mind, that is, expecting sunshine and warm temperatures every day. Silly woman. This morning  I kept hearing the newsheads saying something about "colder"

And that's another thing. TV as company in the house has GOT to go. You can't call it company when it sucks out your brains like a Zombie.
I was up writing last night until two-ish and woke up with a half dozen additional scenarios and ways for things to go in my head and by the time I was settled in the poang   with my coffee all those tasty ideas had run out of my ear like so much sand.

It was the damn TV yammering away like a rabid turkey. I missed it a little bit in the evenings while I was away, but got over it quickly and I don't want to restart the bad habit.

There's nothing wrong with choosing a show and giving yourself over to it for a specified time (I started watching Dexter yesterday) but just for background,  I've cut over to the music channel and hope to suck some of that sand back where it belongs before I have to get back to work this afternoon.

Yeah, there's that too. The ole' ball and chain day job. Got to do something about that situation. 


  1. OH LOOK AT THOSE THREADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well chosen TV can make stitching go by faster, but certainly not the main processes of design and planning. A good old movie or a well done documentary, and my brain goes into a different gear, able to stitch better with time marked and acreage covered--and occasionally something learned as a side bonus from the tubage :)

    Glad your time away was productive and fun--and can't wait to see Mr Black in his glory.

  2. I hate TV. all of it.

  3. I used to like TV but it has changed so much and it's no fun by yourself.

  4. We started recording everything we might want to watch on the TiVo. Can watch when we want and fast forward thru what we don't like.

    We are also "binge" watching things we take an interest in. Right now it's 5 seasons of Fringe. No news. No commercials. Next up is Mi/5 or House of Cards. Or 24. I never saw the first ones.

    Welcome back. And the day job. At least you don't have to drive anywhere. I like my day job at a greenhouse. Good light, smell of dirt, plants. The money is terrible but you can't have everything these days. Just having a job is a good thing.

  5. No TV. Zilch. It will rot your brain faster than crystal meth. On the other hand, I find SomaFM's Groove Salad (streamed online) to be very flow inducing - kinda like elevator music for cool people.
    BTW - welcome home. Glad you had a good time!

  6. thanks heather..I need my brain these days.

  7. TV is my sleep aid! I lay on the floor in the evening under my binkies and take delicious naps before bed! Right now, we're watching season 9 of CIS (Las Vegas), which I love. But during the day, the TV is off or on mute, and I'm very happy not having all the noise to distract me! Sure hope you recapture all those wonderful ideas... maybe pen and paper on the night stand?

  8. Anonymous9:49 AM

    I appreciate your comments about TV. For me, its usefulness as entertainment goes in cycles. I do think it needs, at times, to be treated exactly like any other addiction, though.


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