Thursday, March 06, 2014


This came in the mail today..I won it cheap on Ebay and it actually works! We still have a landline here because, although we are less than 20 miles from Atlanta, it's still cell phone hell.

I have to buy a loooong cord so I can run it upstairs and put it beside the bed. The ringer goes off like a bomb.

Let the prank calls begin! And heres to reestablishing some real communication.


  1. We have one! In the bedroom. Really loud. fun to dial numbers. We have it incase of power outages.
    Have fun with it. Ours is beige not quite as classic as the black!

  2. Jacquie in vermont11:21 AM

    I still have a land line too. It is in case the electricity goes out and also has the answering machine connected to it. It has push buttons though -- not as retro as yours!

  3. its a beauty.
    i immediately had the
    rolladex of my brain whirl me
    the fone # of my childhood
    Greenleaf 4-0040. it was a
    party line.

  4. what fun! i saw one of these repurposed into a charging station for an ipod....i like your use much better! ha!


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