Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Clutch your heart! a textile related post

 This morning Colin asked me "Where is the big staple gun?". In the studio, of course.

For once I knew just where to put my hands on a tool, but after hefting that bad boy and getting the evil eye from "Fierce" on the opposite wall, I reached down and pulled "Firmament" out of the "someday maybe" bin which is full to overflowing.

I thought about the stapler and the 36" square canvas that has been taking up space in my life for over ten years. Something will be happening.

Jack said "What are you trying to hide?"

Which is my slick way of introducing one of the main characters in the novel I am writing,  but also one of the questions I am not asking myself.


  1. oh YES! Time for big statements!

  2. I see you're in the de-cluttering mode too! Only yours is going to turn into beautiful wall art... most of mine is going to the garage, or the trash bin! Tired of the chaos, grunge and disorder!


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