Saturday, April 12, 2014

fierce fixed

I imagine that people are going to get pretty sick of looking at this as the months grind on, so I'm only going to update progress once in a while.
 During lunch with some fellow fiber artists and former cellmates,  I was reminded that I've promised a piece for a show in September. Ah, deadlines.

The original drawing was enough to take me this far with this piece (which is not usually the way I work) so I  decided I had better honor that impetus and orient and crop it accordingly. Now I need to find my black textile paint and do a discharge test on the foot & a half that got lopped off.

 I need to wear my cowboy boots when I'm messing with this one so I'm not tempted to stand on a stack of books.


  1. what, no platform shoes? keep a running tab on this for those of us who are intrigued enough to want more, please, because some of us just need more pictures!

  2. Anonymous5:32 PM

    PURRFECT[since this sort of started out honoring Karma]...piece now looks defined, am looking forward to see how you continue...

  3. What a wonderful piece of work!! Yes on the cowboy boots


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