Monday, April 07, 2014

Heart Like a Wheel

Those promised rain days finally materialized and I spent a few hours with this piece and outside of my head with Mad Men, recapturing the mindset in preparation for the upcoming final season. Don't call me on Sunday evenings..I'll be busy. Jimmy used to say I had a date with Don.

This one is nearly finished..and yet, far from it. I think the lettering should have been in script, as if I had no other torments, like the tax deadline drawing near. I have other things on my mind.

"Why do we do what we do, we story tellers?

All I can come up with is that we want to be known, liked, loved even.
But most of all, we want to be remembered.

Our stories are our banners, our battle flags and emissaries.
They announce us before we come into a room and set the expectations of those who know us and those who think they do.
Our stories will stand in for us when we no longer can.

So, when a story is called for, as it always is in the company of people, 
a new teller will step up and, 
even though the flesh of a story may no longer be remembered, 
the people will remember it's bones, and the new teller might silently beg our pardon as they make our story their own 
and we will grant that pardon just to hear the story carry on, even without us."



Kit Lang said...

This one is really beautiful too!

I feel a "hearts made by Deb" collection coming on... :)

Deb Lacativa said...

Seems like all I have the heart for at the moment, cloth wise.

Ms. said...

Dear Deb
I LOVE the image, but, sorry to say, I am enough vision impaired now (cataracts) that I can not read the gray print on white. Still LOVE the heart like a wheel.