Wednesday, April 16, 2014

potential prayer flags

There's a big brouhaha and ruckus going on over the QA list over whether it's appropriate for people who are not practicing Buddhists to make/use prayer flags. At least that's the drift I'm getting from the digests.

Really? Pieces of cloth with healing, hopeful words on them?  Do we have too much time on our hands?

I have no opinion, but some time ago I offered sets of rectangular pieces of hand dyed damask just for making them.  All ten of the sets were gone in three days and I'm willing to bet that not too many of my readers are practicing Buddhists.

 If I make up more sets, how big should the pieces be this time and how many pieces in a set?....all these things will determine the price, of course.
 All feedback welcome.



Mary Ann said...

The Dalai Lama said "Take what you need from what you hear." As a catholic I have no beef with people stopping to light a candle in church, catholic or not. Get a grip people,

Deb Lacativa said...

AMEN, Mary Ann, and can I get a "Hallelujia" while we're at it!!

Bookhandler said...

I am not a professed anything but I've been thinking about spiritual things lately. Went to a local cathedral for a tennebrae service done in darkness except for a few candles. The men's choir chanted hauntingly beautiful music from the back of the church. The text they sang were lamentations. I didn't really want to know the words, just hear the great sorrow in their voices and connect to the dark, wordless sadness I experience from time to time. It doesn't much matter to me what we call ourselves, we share common feelings and experiences, and I'd much rather focus on what we have in common than our differences. I say Yay for prayer flags and prayer rugs and prayer shawls or whatever helps us feel loved and at peace.

Cat >^..^ said...

From a practicing Buddhist.
Go in peace and make flags!

Rebecca said...

I have been creating
"Blessing Flags"
Same horse different color.

Each one has a lot of hand work and lettering and blessings created by me for someone special.
They are created with messages for western traditions and needs and fill a need for me and those who recive them.

Anonymous said...

I have been doing prayer flags for gifts lately. Some were for people who lost their mother, some for someone who broke a leg and was in need of healing. I don't think it matters as long as the intent is good. From what I know of Buddhists, it seems a silly argument. It is very live and let live and not an ego thing.

As for the fabric packs my suggestion is 9" x 12" and 5 to a pack. I hope that helps.