Wednesday, April 16, 2014

the walking cure

It was 35 degrees here this morning, but I'm not complaining. My sister sent pictures of snow. As pretty as this picture is, I was layered up, sweater, denim and hoody over all.

I had never followed this trail to the end before and was a little amazed when I passed the 1 mile marker, the end coming up maybe a quarter mile further.

Now I have to start timing the  round trip and but I doubt I'll pick up the pace much - I write while I'm walking, stopping along the way to either scribble notes or mutter into the record feature on the phone which makes me look just a little crazy because I make myself laugh. Then I come home and try to make sense of my own hen scratch.

Most of the seeds that sprouted over the weekend, lay dead in their pots this morning like so much green spaghetti. I guess I was being optimistic planting when I did. Even the grape tomatoes are nipped on the edges. All the baby plant sellers will be double dipping this season.

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Joanne S said...

Yes we will be selling the same things twice and perhaps three times--the weather is quite odd.
I admonish the customers to buy, plant and be prepared to carry the pots indoors at night.
My own pansies got covered by snow.

I thought about prayer flags at one time--I guess it was the first "popular" go round. I couldn't make it seem "authentic" for me or my yard.