Tuesday, April 22, 2014

the task at hand

(detail from Jazz Takes Over 2012)
Lately, I am at a loss when I look back at the time and energy I used to devote to cloth and stitching.  Each of these things manifested at my will and by my hands, but there was never any deep intention associated with them.

They were and are beautiful to my eye. I know I took pleasure in the process of making them. The luxury of stolen time has lost its charm and glitter now that all the time I have is my own to direct.

I think I may have to start from scratch..making things from cloth that have a purpose and will last a good long time even with use. Like baby quilts. Back where it all began. Interesting.


Lainie said...

You have many talents, Deb, and it makes sense to me that different forms of expression would rise and fall. I understand that urge to make things with utility and purpose. Sometimes I just want to make something that has its own logic and structure and that I know will succeed. Pressing those seams can be the most satisfying thing. Yes, baby quilts for sweet babies!

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Something to pass on to the next generation has always been appealing to me... maybe because I received such things from grandmas and great grandmas. I come from fiber people, and every time I make something with fiber they come to my mind. Someday maybe you will combine your fiber projects with words that tell what you do, to pass on to others? Just a thought...

Ms. said...

Thoughts for the future are rooted in the past. Stitch on!

Mary Ann said...

Those are some lucky babies! Follow your heart, as the song says be good to yourself!

Vicky aka Stichr said...

humm I was suddenly consumed with the need to make bed quilts again for children I know, so that's what I am doing...though I do have a hand work creation by my chair, can't give that up completely. Both are very satisfying, so maybe you will try it too?
btw...the quilts are for 2 neighbors and a daughter, in case any grandchildren should see this and get ideas.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i like reading the thought.
i will like watching you, as
you go...watching your intention
move, from here to there...because
your time is now your own...no
longer stolen.
but i'm thinking that as SUN
begins to stay with us longer in
days, the vats and that railing
will want COLOR and then you
might be pulled to it. but
maybe not....
These are new days that you know
nothing about. you will need to live them.