Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The light of our lives

I have always been a picture taking fool when it comes to the babies in my care. Really, I could just watch them for hours. They are so amorphous at this age, changing right before your eyes. Look at those hands!

Unfortunately, Charlie  is already expecting to see his own face when I point my cell phone at him. The "Selfie" mode works wonders when he fusses.

You can see by his expression below, that he is wondering where the damn baby went!

I get pretty much the same expression when I read aloud to him.

We are working our way through "Gone Girl" right now.

Repercussions? Who knows.

These are dark days if I dwell in the past. Charlie helps keep me in the here and now.


Ms. said...

Lovely by candle light and alert in the next picture.

'Gone Girl'? Are you joking?

arlee said...

That boy's gonna have quite the vocabulary and reasoning as he grows with bedtime stories like this

Nancy said...

He's a keeper!

NancyK said...

You crack me up !!!! And what an adorable baby boy.

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

I am so glad you have him to distract you... and he has you to guide and shape him early on... you are both blessed!

liniecat said...

Actually I had that look quite often whilst reading Gone Girl myself lol I hope the films better than the book!
He's just so cute bless him : )

Deb said...

I just finished the book finally. I'll spare Charlie the last third. I loved it.

Anonymous said...

It was a gripper. Then I went to the movie. You don't really need the movie, having read the book. I LOVE all the pictures you are taking!! I wish we'd had cell phones when my guys were little.... This last photo is especially cute. He is so thoughtful looking in that one!


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