Friday, November 28, 2014


We traveled again this year. Colin and I went with Jake, Missy & Charlie up to Abbeville, SC to spend the day with Missy's mother Cookie and her husband Bob on their farm.

It was nice to do something new and different for Thanksgiving. This year, though, I had a turkey and all the fixings ready to go into the oven at home on Black Friday so we'd have the beloved leftovers.  Nothing sadder than coming home from a family feast to cranky cats and baloney sandwiches.

The farmhouse itself was built in 1775 and is steeped in history. There will be a lot more about this place in the future.

I got to meet their horses and neither of them took exception to me as I made it clear to them both that I was not there to ride either of them.  Just a little meet and greet and a good scratch and I have two new friends. There's only this one picture of Charlie riding in the back seat with his Mom and Colin.. I left my phone in my car and all but forgot I had a camera with me. Just wanted to take it all in for a change.


Nancy said...

This only one pic is so precious though! I often contemplate the idea of the fewer photos from some folks past having a more treasured aspect because there is less, than my own childhood where there are tons of photos. Sometimes it is nice to shake up traditions if something has so drastically changed. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving and 2 new friends!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

little Dude.

Carol said...

A cute little fellar! I think he looks like his grandfather.

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Sounds like a nice day, and the picture of Charlie is adorable! He is sure photogenic!

Anonymous said...

He is pure joy.