Sunday, March 27, 2016

I missed Ostara... I'm celebrating today while everyone else is Eastering.

I should have taken this outside for better exposure, buts it's drizzling and I've lost the tent cover over the dye deck to rot and old age.

The fun part was trying to read the labels on the powdered dyes. 90% have faded away which doesn't speak well to the way I stored them.

Only time will tell if this batch of dye stock will be valid.

I stuck to the twelve. I'm particularly happy with what looks to be a very neutral black. No more cheesy plastic squeeze bottles. I invested in a dozen 16oz. mason jars which rack up nicely on the bottom shelf of the fridge.

No more fooling with this stuff today, although I'm tempted. I have a writing project with a deadline. These will keep until we get some sunshine. And I'm happy with this salvage job:


  1. Dharma deals some? HA.

    I still have some cans of Procion that floated around the basement duringthe flood, and have pulled them out to play with. The labels soaked off and lids are rusted shut and i can't really tell what colours they are in some cases, until i dip a brush in. May be Mud Puddle mixes for all i know.

  2. Gads... I re-use my spaghetti sauce jars for storing my dyes, but then you probably hand-make yours, huh? I love your names! Pumpkin guts... gotta love it! May you have sunshine soon, and a helper to put up a new tent! BTW, love the stitch work...

  3. oh how i love those names....and well with a beatles lyrics haw can you go wrong (even if you did make a minor mistake earlier on, haha)


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