Wednesday, March 30, 2016

close call

On my 27-minute dinner break from the paying job, this came into my line of sight and I came very close to folding it in half and stitching it into a pillow so I could stuff it with five pounds of balsam fir needles that have been reeking around the studio for a few days. The only thing that saved it (?) was that the Janome was not rigged up with white thread. I'll finish this as Art over the weekend and we'll have an auction!! I'll make stinky pillows from something else.


Helen Percy Lystra said...

Eye candy for me this morning. Art or pillow, both good!

Joanne S said...

I had a customer in the greenhouse asking about (after holiday) pine wreaths. she takes the wreaths and shoves them into an old heavy duty pillowcase and tucks the filled pillow cases into closets.
No sewing. the next year, empties the cases into the woods or compost pile, washes them
and then shoves another pine wreath (after the holidays) into the case.