Saturday, March 12, 2016

passing time

I was going to call this post "killing time", but it's such an awful expression when you think about it. Lately, if anyone was to tell me to my face that they were just killing time I might smack them!

While I got even more fussy with the corded lines on this piece, I waited for a phone call from the tree guy.

The house phone was ringing the other day and out of sheer spite, I answered all prepared to send some telemarketer, politician or bill collector to a venomous hell with my snappy repartee. Instead, I took a cold sales call from a local tree company who must have scouted the property from the street even though my concerns are in the back yard.

He came, he saw and he conquered me with an amazing price for felling a group of trees that have been threatening my pool for years. The time has come. Well, it will come later in the summer after I've sold a few pounds of cloth and/or a few gallons of blood.

In the meantime,  it's Spring Break at the Froggy Club Med. This strange climate year has emboldened a host of tender-voiced leopard frogs to come out ahead of the shrieking tree frogs. Who will eat whom? All of them will be evicted in the coming days.

             I cleaned and relocated my favorite, deep-voiced wind chimes.


  1. I love wind chimes with the deep tones, but I haven't sold enough blood to afford the ones I want :)

  2. I love wind chimes too, but with the winds we get here, they end up flying across the yard or making me crazy with the never-ending noise. Sigh...
    BTW, I used a tree guy a few years back when said-winds wreaked havoc with one of our Olive trees... had him clean that up and trim back some others. They are a valuable resource, especially for someone like you who has a forest in her back yard! Maybe you'll win the lottery... ;-)

  3. Time is a resource...
    we can 'spend time' too!


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