Monday, March 14, 2016

practical matters

The sun coming in over the sewing chair is rich in the mornings, strong until 11 almost, but once the trees get leaves all that will change. For now, I'll take advantage of it if I can.

The washing machine heard me boasting about getting a good deal on those lumberjacks yesterday so it decided this would be a good time to up and die. Not if I have anything to say about it.

We jackassed it off the base because I thought we had to take the back cover off. Then I did a little web surfing and found the trixie technique for getting at the works - flipping the lid and yanking off the cabinet from the front. It was nasty in there.

 In search of a clog, hoses were disconnected, but I forgot about the several gallons of dirty water still in the tub, even though we siphoned off most of it. Damp carpets will look cleaner someday. There was NO sock blockage, although I did find an ATM card in the basket that I hadn't even missed yet.

The next part to be investigated/replaced is the timer. Part ordered and an excellent tutorial found. All I need is a strappy t-shirt and crack-revealing jeans.


  1. HOLY GOAT!!!!!! o WOW!!!!

    at first i thought you are my all time heroine, but then
    i watched the Utube....EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    I could DO that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh, just WOW

  2. Be glad there were no pictures of me crawling through the tub hole to reach the pump until Colin got on his high man-horse and interceded. I just think he was worried that he might have to call the fire department to get me back out...

  3. You must be channeling my dear departed father. As soon as something "broke" he started taking it apart.
    No You Tube but he would have loved that. When he was finished--it worked and we always had a part or two "left over". He installed a door bell on the dash of his VW to wash the windows. Wouldn't pay the $98 for the new German part. You are the BEST. Love reading your blog--know I will love reading your books.
    Yes. BOOKS. Get busy.


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